Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Many, many thanks to the following for volunteering at Zimfest for Project Zimbabwe!
Jenny, Chloe, Laura, Kiran, Sinead, Kay, Shanti,Fay, Millie, Christine, Kirby, Nyasha, Kay's sister, Lexi, Neill & Ashleigh, Sharon, Sharon's friend, Tom, Tolandi & Celia!

The day was a fantastic success by all reports and Project Zimbabwe is very grateful for the donation they will receive from Zimfest. We look forward to Zimfest 2009! :-) Jen

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Linos said...

Medyouth Zimbabwe really appreciates the work the volunteers did and continue to do. The support is most welcome.

  • Medsin-GKT, King's College London, Guy's Campus, 19 Newcomen St, London, SE1 1UL
  • projectzimbabwe@googlemail.com