Friday, 27 June 2008

MedYouth Project Moves Forward!
This summer 5 members of Project Zimbabwe will be joining fellow medical students in Bulawayo to pilot our MedYouth Project. A recent meeting hosted by Zim students has really moved the project forward with a clear set of aims and objectives and points still to be covered.
MedYouth aims to achieve its objectives by educating the youth using the life skills education programme which focuses on two main aspects:

- Reproductive Health
- Contemporary Social Issues concerning the Youth

A combination of teaching methods shall be implemented, such as the use of role-plays / drama / debates / sport / quiz competitions; as well as different teaching tools, such as Auntie Stella kits and information leaflets, amongst others.

We aim to use the above non-traditional teaching methods, which more closely involve the pupils with a look towards peer-to-peer education and interactive discussion groups, as they have been shown to generate more interest and have a longer-lasting effect on the youth. The presence of medical students is also engineered to generate interest, both as a generation close to their own that is easy to identify with and also in terms of motivation / career guidance / inspiration.

In order to measure the impact of the project, the following monitoring and evaluation tools shall be used:

- Questionnaires (before and after the programme)
- Quiz Competitions
- Debating Competitions
- UNAIDS benchmarks for effective programs

Proposed Program Topic Content:

- Absentee Parentage
- Abuse – emotional / physical / verbal / substance/ sexual
- Adolescent Reproductive Health and Sexuality
- Care and Management (including Mitigation)
- Career Guidance
- Child Protection
- Discrimination
- Divorce and Broken Homes
- Healthy Lifestyle (exercise and nutrition)
- Peer Pressure
- Relationships: family / friendship / community
- Self Esteem
- Sexually Transmitted Diseases
- Teenage Pregnancies
- Values & Beliefs
- HIV and AIDS

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